Ape ni, tolak, tarik... you ingat ni macam 'dating' ke? Secara 'realpolitik': kalau ada musuh, korang hapuskan je.

Returned money to would-be investors, with extravagant interest. I'm too busy this year to guarantee a decent actively managed return.

Some say, the BN run federal government borrowed from the state social security fund, to dispense cash hand outs. Probably not a direct transaction of course. The critics are probably just looking at the debts outstanding, and the federal government's cash flow. Haha. Whoops?

Don't get me wrong. I still don't mind BN. I grew up in a messed up country, and have very low expectations for management. I live very cheaply anyway...

It's ok for EPF to buy federal debt. It's not ok for the executive branch to mess with socialist/monetary policies IMHO. And no, this does not make it entertaining enough to vote.

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