Looked at cabalising Hell. Documentation too sparse, & Hell is probably not ready until it can programmatically initialise projects.

Meanwhile, let's try cabal-dev. Ah, I need to cabalise it first. Let's try cabalising again then.

ok.............. we're doing it... descent into #cabal-dev hell...

Some useful Cabal noob references:

Cabalisation seems to work, as far as the cabal-dev sandbox for Hell is concerned. Now, to figure out how to runghc it.

Later, to figure out what cabal-src and cabal-meta do.

Blew up cabal. Reinstalling GHC and Haskell Platform not working. Trying again after supper.

While the only thing between myself and the women I love is cashflow, I guess I still prefer an interesting life over an easy one. :-s

Adding loads of acquaintances to my FB account for work... while waiting for code to compile at home...

Accidental deletion of $HOME, bad idea; deletion of UbuntuOne account after discovering that it is practically useless, good idea; blocking mother from Facebook account, very good idea.

superfuckingstressed #Hell-in-cabal-dev-hell

Periods of stress are good. Forces pruning of commitments. Those who don't prune, face emotional panic. One day I will grow old too.

Right. I think I've figured out how to cabalise both Hell and the app directories. It's an ugly build system that leaves files everywhere. One day, perhaps I'll get to write a prettier one.

I guess I have dismal tolerance for irrational complexity. The complex gets rationalised, the irrational gets simplified.


For the sake of routine. Going to TTDI to drink more coffee. Bringing the code with me. But first. Breakfast.

On 900 voters name Fatimah Ismail. Since I'm registered, but not voting, and since my vote may be stolen, I guess: I, too, am Fatimah Ismail.

Design decision headache. Wrapping up at TTDI. Going home unless anything pops up in the next hour.

I'm trying to decide on how to integrate Hell and MongoDB. I already have formed the idea that while circle 1.0 is rather rigid, like CakePHP, circle 2.0 will be more a flexible collection of libraries. (Yeah, Hell will have circles, not versions...)

Off to bed. need to read more about (Read) ing from strings to other types in Haskell.

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