Gila-gila Lebuhraya

So I'm driving home at midnight, and there's a lady standing on the line between the first and second lane of the highway. She appears to be Chinese, with glasses, a bob, in a pink dress, with her arms crossed. She does not respond as I drive slowly past her saying in Mandarin, "it's very dangerous, where you're standing."

A vehicle is parked in the emergency lane - an MPV, if I'm not mistaken - and a bloke is illuminated in the passenger's seat. I do not notice if he was moving, or not. This is on the highway from MidValley to Cheras, at the exit to/from Bandar Tun Razak.

I dial the situation in to emergency services. I hope the woman is ok. Later, I wonder if the man had died, and if she had a death wish. By the time I am done talking to emergency services, I am past the toll booth near Hulu Langat, and I wish I had stopped to help her.

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