Up. Slow day ahead. Third quartile of the reading. Let me paint the rusty spots on my car first.

Done with routine maintenance for the day. Off to engage routine ops...

Something tells me I'm gonna be that 60 yo bloke with the vegetable cart, and no time for science. :)

Got lost with Apple Maps again. Scoped out the signs of weakness from sadly, recently opened cafes. Saw signs of strength in others.

We need deadlines to work backwards from, otherwise the subplans will never happen. "Pushing On a String" to Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer #consultingMusicVideo

Huge day. Now only 1x gatekeeper away from moving from zero-marcomms to a geolocated 500,000 physical eyeball campaign.

Ooh my, so flattering, that's what getting machines to write nice things about you will do... http://osrc.dfm.io/jerng

Ate cucumbers. Going to bed.


The next day.

Enable 2x Youtube playback #neverEnoughTime youtube.com/html5 (enable html5 trial, and reload your video; click the "gear" icon)

Just realised yesterday that some coffee tastes like soy sauce because they're both that colour for the same reason.

I'm not really a food person. But I've always figured the F&B business to be a good one.

Never underestimate the value of sleep.

If boys make your head hurt, well, girls make my head hurt too. It never ends. Just give up, and study.

THIRTY PAGES TO GO... come on Sprudge...



Up. Back to shoveling mundanities. :) enthusiasm gets chores done...

All consumers, dominant, or submissive, are ultimately needy. Hence there is work for us to do.

10 pages left. Back to Sprudge... Caught up to April 2013. Well that's enough then. I did my (self-assigned) homework. What next?

Called into the city at 5:48pm... city council closing streets here and there... detouring in rush hour traffic. Woohoo! Logjam. Parking and walking instead.

May: Did chunk of work. Did chunk of study. Checking resources. Can I afford to date? Not the fuckin' chasing. So, to the batcave...



First things first. Iced water. Laundry. Then what to do with this day... pick a project, pick a project, hmm...

Morning exercises. Reminding myself, when I look at something, to recognise its geometry first, instead of the concepts in my head.

asm.js : I am glad they are working on this. In 2011/2012, I tried to ask on SO (roughly) how it might be done, and got run out for "trolling". :P Admittedly, I probably didn't ask the question very well, about how to reduce "expensive" features of JS at the language layer, to make it easier to compile to faster lower-level representations.

Washer tub auto-clean; realestate process on track (neverending); asm.js rockin; news from the chick: she's happy. #happythoughts

Not feeling super confidant about the storyboard. Perhaps I will force myself to work on software for the rest of this month.

Too many long-term projects; no short-term incentive to pursue any one; some coordination required; next, breakfast, and coffee.

Another day another tactical error. Managed not to fall asleep in the car, and managed not to run out of gas.

Light reading is refreshing. Or maybe it's of a different colour than what I'm used to. I wonder where my mind will be in a few days.

Thoroughly over-educated in the dimension of the humanities. Unknown cultures do not intrigue me. I guess it's a level of abstraction.

Being incredibly dorky today. No wonder past peers have disowned me. Deviance from popular norms, I suppose.

Technology consultation scam in progress. Thank heavens the target ain't buying it. Sell smarter, kid. #MBAblabbering

On slow days like this, I doubt the quality of my macroeconomic strat. But I suppose, the only thing I want to do is micro, for now.

Indifference curves, convexity of products, fob vs. cif - today's a refreshing day of varied flavours. A cocktail of stimuli.

life's only exciting when there's an emergency to be repaired. sigh. fml




Diversifying the use of the weights bench.

Off to meet with architects.

Chit chat at the watering hole with tech guys. Wondering what's next. Maybe reading.

At that strange place where I have let others' needs dictate my schedule for ~3 years. Not sure where my internal clock is.

Ever wonder why the AAAA doesn't ban "unlimited data plan" as false advertising? Prolly 'cause doublespeak permeates Malaysian life.

The bar got a tad too noisy for reading. So I'm taking a nap in my car.

Going to watch a movie, because it's how I used to calibrate my social mind before dating a TV person. Reclaiming my youth right there.

Multi-million dollar light and sound show much more effective for flushing brain, than economics dictionary.

New Star Trek movie thoroughly unmilitary from start to finish. Oh. Is Hollywood.

Also, having watched a lot of fashion TV, I now find myself more sensitive to the fashion of pedestrians in movies.

Cinemas. The stench of humanity greets me. What many of my aytas friends avoid. Their ignorance by avoidance disgusts me just as much.

It's good to know that the people you care about are happy. Then you try and figure out what to do with the resources that had been allocated to worrying about them.



Overslept. But maybe that's a good thing. Routine still missing. Examining removal of the need for such.

Breakfast. Before my brain completely starves.

Turning on some music, and sitting by the balcony to think. Studying the scenery.

Conclusion, it's not the choice of subject which makes a huge difference, but the function of watching which I need to practice more often.

Need to pause research into coffee shop audiences. Can't do anything with the information that I can afford to collect at the moment.

Kinesthesia is still the only drug that works predictably, for me.

Spent some time wondering if my relationships these past years have been driven by convenience.

Heavy rain. Added some meta-data, and tweaked the layout on my blog. Housekeeping-esque day.

Went up into the roof to inspect leaks. Looks like the water's originating from the apex. Oh, and I need to cover those wires...

Right now, I just want a fairly predictable job as a barista. So many other things to do as soon as that happens...

Right. Time for a second meal.

Found something to do with my evening. Migration from Google Reader and Blogger Reading List to Feedly.

incredibly expressive, complicated, sculpted, moany... what a toy... #studyingViolin

I know. Scientists find it exciting when we "see" something. But ultimately the mappings are arbitrary functions from noumena to visual phenomena such as this photograph on your timeline. Right? Right?

to bed, fool, to bed



Awake. Fuel stations. And more deletions of thought.

Slow week. These are times I wish I had more normal preferences. I guess other people get bored too. Decade not looking great right now.

"Economic doctrines:" in the economics dictionary seems to cut to the chase of the historical rationale for flim-flam economic jargon.

Kerajaan Malaysia tidak melibatkan Raja-raja Malaysia. Itu je. Brain this, and you fix half the problems. Lookin' at you, DBP...

Gotta watch that peripheral to imaginary sensation ratio. Letting it go out of whack is a precursor to inefficient operations.

Feedly is proving to be good.

All concepts are approximations of what is not directly observable; it's funny that so many scientists (appear to) actually believe in exact mappings between science and reality.

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