Tsunami of Racial Politics

As observed by various parties, those familiar with Malaysia's history of curated racial polarisation might note that it was rather antagonistic of Najib Tun Razak to blame his coalition's losses during the 13th Malaysian General Election on a "Chinese Tsunami."

Meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim is calling for a rally to reject the initial results of this election. Some say that protests against the results belong in court, whereas rallying in a public location causes Anwar's coalition to run the risk of being framed for riots. Riots, particularly racially polarised riots, being a common device (read:bugbear) in Barisan Nasional's political rhetoric.

Other pundits have waded in.

In other news, today I learnt what it feels like to drive a car with a bulging tire. After fixing the car, I'm back at the TTDI coffee shop... and it seems like business as usual for everyone.

Wahai askarsiber dan penyelidik2 sekalian (dari SB, parti-parti, dll)... do not add me as a dumb fake FB user. Pls Just call for a chat.

Believing in "democracy," without asking why, what, or how, is just belief in cowmunism by another name. Stay in the fields. Munch away.

Rally at the KJ Stadium tonight? If you have common sense, watch it live, and stay off the streets. This is still old Malaysia. For now. KJ rally: got the dates wrong, but you get the point. Stay at home. Unless you have nothing to lose. :)

Just stole the font from Niall Ferguson's blog. Have been looking for something that looks like this, for a while.

Rain in Taman Tun. My favourite weather. Don't associate it with gloom!! But it is shit for nervous driving.

Prime examples of democractic cowsmanship include posters to the effect: "don't complain about X if you voted Y." Posters like this are an example of why BN ought to win. Absolutely flamey rhetoric. Flamenco and ditz. Gravel and spit... so much for intelligent citizens...

Social media is too quiet!

[M.Action] -> [IO Document] -> IO [Document] #winterOfTheMind #brainFreeze #monday

Malaysian activists: you know this country is run more like Russia than like the USA right? (US) vanishing rights (RU) vanishing bodies. Caveat: not necessarily true; it's just that the rate of vanishing bodies per capita is said to be higher in RU. But what would I know.

Just introduced a bunch of people who have complementary resources, and at least one common interest. Teams are like bubbles. They're fun. Some are small, some are big. Some last, some don't. Best of all, you can make 'em, quite cheaply.

Absolutely the last FB post for today: so, did BN con you with fake ballots, or did PR con you with fake-fake ballots?

Got this push done. After days of slow prodding, this is huge.

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