Beings of a Certain Mindset

As sure as I am that I could make a machine that fully empathises, "gets," and communicates with the "magical," essence of emotionally self-absorbed people, I am likewise sure that it would not simultaneously be able to design itself. So, while I have yet to make such a machine, I must desist from attempts to empathise with emotionally self-absorbed people.

Of course, at a later point we could pair that mechanical state of mind, with another mechanical state of mind that is adapted for designing minds. We could even refer to the whole as a single mind, however at that latter point the whole mind would not be in full empathy with objects of consciousness which we may describe as emotionally self-absorbed people - only its first part would be.

So, my work, and certain lovers are mutually exclusive. By the laws of the universe, whether we call it logic, magic, or fate.

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