Looking forward to more accounting today. Spent yesterday on it, and was so stressed by bedtime that (see #emoHaterBait).

You lose your memories, I don't really lose mine, but it's time I deleted those last two photos that I kept of you... ;) #emoHaterBait

Trained to make minds, and break them; if no one else can, then your work is a lonely task. Send your loved ones to happiness. #emoHaterBait

A fleeting heart, is the easiest subject, of influence - a willing medium of art. I brought you close, I let you go. Farewell. #emoHaterBait

If you call and she comes, you were lucky; intentions result from inaction - die fighting; if it wanders, she was meant to go. #emoHaterBait

She: I'm loyal. And I want it too. He: What does it mean? Say more. She: I don't think I can help you. He: I must go. She: Go. #emoHaterBait
I can't find the origin of this quote:
All Relationships Have One Law " Never Make The 0ne You Love Feel Alone... Especially When You're There... "
I've been told that I fail at this. But I think that's because I'm pretty much resigned to being "lonely" for life - and really, relationships are just where I look for people who feel the same. Strange.

Update: #emoStory

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