Today I observed in spro calibration (on a peanutty Lagoa, during service): 

All other variables being fairly stable on a particular grinder+espresso machine setup, [i.e. (i) water temperature, (ii) pressure vs. time curve, (iii) beans of the same roast batch, etc.], observable loss of a flavour profile that is positively correlated with an observable change of flow rate (e.g. due to changes in humidity of espresso grounds), may sometimes be fixed by reversing the change in the observed flow-rate.

That can be achieved by modfying (iv) dose mass, (v) grinder burr distance, and (vi) tamping style & pressure, in tandem. Which makes sense, I suppose.

(Later on the drive home, I am plagued by doubt about whether I had or had not changed any other variables, and forgotten about those changes amidst the excitement of hitting the final tweak that restored the flavour profile.)

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