Mostly Tactical

Not getting enough exercise at work. Need to go run and lift weights more often. Hmm. Between reading math and shopping for jobs... too much intellectual activity. Let's see what other portfolio's I've been ignoring. Hmm. Maybe cooking. Still keeping an eye on cashflow until it eases up.

Next tactical concern: getting to the office, executing the next shift, and then rinse and repeat with perhaps... an hour or two for this sort of reflection each day.

Days later: Awake. On an off-day. In cost-cutting mode. Chasing down loose ends. Because one has some tolerance for loose ends. It's diversification of risk, I suppose.

Someone asked me to pitch for a technology role, and so I am sorting out my own pre-game notes on why I bother to study technology.
I have approached the study of software from two directions. First, I have felt a need to understand it in order to know how to manage software developers in the future. Second, I have a small hobby project towards designing intelligent machines on both large and small scales. This is a horrible cover letter. Delete, delete, delete.

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