First Fortnight Post-coffeeshop

Switched jobs out of being a barita, to help manage a tech company.

March was mostly 20+ hours/week at the tech company, and 50+ hours/week at the coffeeshop, with an insane amount of commuting in between. I managed to camp in the living room of an aunt for a bit, so that helped.

Now two weeks into the new job, I've managed to find time to adjust eating patterns back to desk life... without exercise in the evenings, the first half of the next day is run on two tinned lattes, then 1-2 large meals before bed; with exercise at night, the morning meal is required. I've managed to find time to get my car fixed, watch a couple of movies, and start running and lifting weights again. Whee. I'll get around to housekeeping and fixing my roof, eventually, plus tidying up the transaction of my flat.

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