Money is boring.

Having to read about people thinking about it all day... just makes me want to go take a walk.

Might as well get fed while I'm at it.

Can't think in epochs if everyone else lives in the moment...



Trying to reconfigure a talent vs. value matrix. Hm.

And I still haven't gotten around to that marketing task.


About a day later:

Not a good evening for Haskell studies. Cabal sandbox is not playing nice with Yesod. And I'm running on mobile data. -_-

Ah, simply an issue of mis-ignoring TFM. --max-backjumps=-1 it is...

As mundane as waiting for builds is... it sure helps to balance out the relative un-informativeness of daily muppetry in the world of commerce.

Now this is new. http://blog.docmunch.com/blog/2013/haskell-version-freezing I'm just behind the curve. I had been wondering why the platform didn't support this feature - I guess I wasn't alone.


Wednesday: Was trying to figure out some error messages when I realised I had PHP 5.3.28 installed somewhere else on my Windows drive, and it was co-referenced in the PATH. Apparently I haven't touched PHP in a while...

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