I was just thinking about how companies allocate leave benefits. Natural selection favours the tribal psyche. Resultingly, if you prioritise your family more than your job, and career, and hobbies, you are in a safe place in the eyes of many. But if you prioritise your career over your hobbies, and job, and family, then suspicions arise and hence you may need to move more stealthily. Perhaps I just have just been around family-oriented folks for the majority of my brief lifetime.

Today was a day full of interesting challenges. We reviewed the Monty Hall problem, and I'm glad that it is now well documented that the correct answer depends highly on the definition of the host's modus operandi. I was reading up on this in the jam home.

Many things to get done. Support sales. Support HR. Support accounting. Develop product. Develop processes. Learn Rails. Learn Ruby. Build a framework, for building AIs. Stay within budget. Drive safely. Stay awake. Don't fuck with stupids (they cry easily). Be honest. Be kind. Try to stay on time.

A good day. Hopefully, a few more to come.

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