On Work (again)

On work.

It's always so tempting to retire into the pleasures of little minds, but... ffs...  that is even more boring than suicide. I try to stay calm and look for greater entertainment, while I can stomach it.

I really feel bad for telling familiar women that I would value their time as lovers, but not much as friends. But it's the truth. I have categories of value in business, food, sex, and study, but none for mere conversation. Even Facebook's concept of friendship is ludicruous to me, as I use it mostly to keep track of business acquaintances. Hence the URL.

What does one do in the absence of interesting categories? One makes the present categories more interesting. Therefore as some people say, the work, the work...

(Having slept on that, I am reminded that "casual conversation" is a tool for pleasure, when conversants are learning something about something that they are already interested in.)

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