Studying for the next job, while on vacation. I told someone it's because I don't have a girlfriend. That was a half-lie. I'd actually prefer a girlfriend who appreciates work as much as I do.

(So this is all scraped from a thread on FB.)

What do you mean, what's a girlfriend to me?
Spending time together is fine. Outside of physical connectivity, I believe it would be productive to discuss work, how to do it better, and how to actually do some together.

I wasn't designed to be much of a consumer, unfortunately. I tend to behave like a weapon. My latest movie crush is pretty much Faora lol.
Why are we even talking about workaholism?
This isn't "workaholism" - workaholism is defined as an addiction to whatever X is considered to be work, which results detrimental side-effects to the individual's health / social life / well-being etc.

This is Sparta. We're fitter, happier, more productive, probably better in the sack (if you take the long-term average :P), and definitely avoidant of mating outside of similarly performant circles... LOL

I'm only HALF joking here...

... what's not to joke about: it seems absolutely likely that we'll die off because we took obscenely stupid risks out of boredom, or from trolling some juggernaut civilisation and dying in the process with a big broad smile on our faces.

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