Probably Both Illegal and Possible

People complaining that no one's giving Google a run for their money.

It just occurred to me that if you wanted to write a brand-new search engine to compete with Google, there's very little stopping you from stealing Google's search results to bootstrap your own database. At least for the top 50% of all required results. I mean you just do it all in stealth mode. Then you stop. Then you announce your site, and start growth hacking on fresher results.

"but what would be the point of serving google's stale search results?"

"most truths that matter are not new."
... and...
"you want to start your own search engine? lol"

"Nope.I just want to make people redundant."

"just make sure it doesn't kill us all "

"If we die, we die. Better to die by your own hand, LOL."

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