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"Why are millenials so obsessed with food?"

TLDR: the Internet changed how people communicate.

"You can’t get a job, you can’t get a date without branding yourself properly on, you know, whatever app you’re using. You don’t really understand how the Internet works or how your phone works, but food is something you can break down. "

Unfortunately, I have too much control. And that is why I still fall back to my lazy 10-year-old-self's plan of working in an "easy" industry, where my competitive advantage is magnified (the higher the complexity of the business, the better my competitive advantage, because I'm more willing than most to engage with complexities). And I still don't care about taste - foods, fashions, musics. I have preferences, but they are not a deep part of my identity. Closer to home is the ability to manipulate how people think about these things - that's much more interesting. But ultimately I'd just want to take profit and have a nice cosy place to study math.

I always wonder - if I am completely deluded, and we will burn up like a firefly. Psshht. The end. But we have not even begun.

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