Much Ado About Bi-polar Personality Disorder

Some sweetheart just told me, that I am one of their 13 friends on Facebook. Only 13. Because only 13 are trusted. That's hilarious. I have 1338 friends on Facebook, and I don't trust a single one of them! I wake up daily expecting to be run over by a car, to have my bank account emptied, to be beaten to a pulp, or arrested by a third-world government. But none of that stops me from being friendly, and engaging with the world. So I speak, deal, shake hands, and sleep with various ones of you. It doesn't matter how little you relate to other people - if you choose to be in the world, you must engage with the world. We gotta get a'long... come on, people... get serious here.

Why would anyone believe anyone who says "you can trust me," LOL. It behooves an absence of intelligence and the lack of operational integrity that anyone should believe such statements. Which is generally why I don't make such statements... it'll save you time and money. Here's a theatrical statement: faith based economies must die; only science persists.

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