Passing Thoughts

A few shower-time reflections on recent subjects.

(1) If commerce wasn't structured as a game, I wouldn't be engaged in it. There are writers and censors, pasts and futures, livings and dyings, the extinct and the persistent. I'm too lazy by nature - I'd be working a 9-5 and doing fun things with my free time.

(2) There are some things that you can only hypothesise; as hypotheses, such ideas have motivational uses. But if you determine the truth, the usefulness of the hypotheses disappears (or is short lived). Believing that you have the discipline to murder yourself is one such belief.

(3) Feminism, as a social movement, exists to address systematic biases in society. But those systematic biases are due to inequalities in male and female physique and psyche - feminism (in a particular society) is a reflection upon the state of the world as a result of those inherent inequalities, and a normative judgment that those inequalities should matter less (in that particular society). For example, male physiques are bigger and stronger on average than female physiques: this gets ploughed into normative judgments about women which feminists find undesirable - such feminists don't believe that the size of a gender's average body should be a primary determinant (or a determinant at all) in the political authority of that gender with regards to other genders. But too often the language of what feminism is is debated without discussing the physical mechanics of how feminism emerged as a movement.

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