Memory Dump Before Bed

As the sun rose, blooming over suburbia, the giant Harambe fell, from the great wall, which towered over the malls and condominiums, crushing twelve vehicles at once, in the traffic below. Towards the wreckage and mangled flesh, writhing without consciousness, the frocked heroine strode meekly towards dead cars, and the great, accidented, body that had saved her. Gradually, the automobiles regained their composure, picked themselves up, and walked away. Then she knelt down upon the throbbing fur, and cried. A growl thundered in a larynx below, and she, whip smart, calm as a bomb, and loud in her bed at night, whispered only the words of every known farewell. "It is your last day," as the dragonite steeds crisscrossed beneath the clouds above her, she said, "thank you for all your help," as selfie-sticks and duck-lips roared towards the canvas like a sea wave, she said, "the world is small, so we must meet, again," and the creature's lifecycle was complete, as blood sprayed out from its chest and a wormlike creature emerged, only to scuttle away beneath some rubble, "inevitably."

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