On the REINS Act

Tactically astute. To say nothing of which side I agree with (probably neither). But in the meta analysis, it's really just the government fixing process controls. The phenomenon arises from high volatility due to the cohabitation of two very different animals. In the true spirit of America, many will champion the need for process controls that emphasise tolerance. But there can be ultimately no tolerance without compromise, and we see here a part of the system adding checks and balances to force due diligence to happen - more safety checks more frequently. This may perpetuate until the next systemic priority emerges and reveals itself to be sloth. At which point executive agencies may see more freedom to act. But by then, the organisation may be behind the curve competitively, and we may be in another US economic slowdown. Round, and around, it goes.


On what educated citizens can do after DT's first week in office:

Shadow government, really. Basically retreat to the private/non-profit sector and build programs that are tactically responsible to contain the effects of government on the non-gov projects. Also, to circumvent gov on future projects. Just like most of the world where conservative governments rule.

None of this presumes active effort to topple the government. Although, Americans have always been fond of that concept.

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