Break time

Ok - almost sure I've run out of high-priority work items. Going to break out some hobbies, I guess... break time!

Tea time. Now where did I put my Euler?

This is where I start scribbling shit on papers, and sticking it to the wall with masking tape... #mathHobby

Actually no... let's be efficient and do this digitally. MathJax to the rescue. (This is actually quite an accomplishment, in the sense that there's a small chance I won't ever need to change the format of my math study journal, in the future. After many false starts to a sustainable program, this might actually be it.)

Thirty-thousand files for a rendering library. Mother fuckers. Between math and women, sometimes I wonder if I'd be happier if I'd picked women as my primary hobby.

Sweet - got it down to 650 files with minimum effort. Next thing to do... write a Haskell web app that allows me to inline-edit my math journal.

Tempted to go down to the mamak and be a little more social for a bit. Brief roti flooded with curry and soy milk at the mamak. Shower. Back in bed for coding... my Haskell is soo rusty. If machines didn't give me so much grief... I might actually have more time for women. Sigh. -_- Wishing that I was a smarter cookie, so that I could actually chew into what I bite off. Finally, got WAI, Hamlet, MathJax, and HTML to play nice. But it is ugly. Well then, off to bed for now. We'll clean this up later! Pretty close to replicating SageMath's notebook functionality. Not bad for a night's work.

It's nice to do some coding for the first time in like... a month... or three. Meanwhile, it seems I can still get her to call me, baby, for what it's worth. Happy v-day to one and all.

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