Moralists... in the broad sense, are those who have a preference for certain human behaviours. Those whose behaviours run crosswise with the preferences of moralists, tend to fall into cognitive category of subhumans. What makes one, a pleb? Any one of these, at least, to someone...

  • You work for someone.
  • You don't work anywhere for long.
  • You're fashion-conscious.
  • You're not fashion-conscious.
  • You vote.
  • You don't vote.
  • You aspire to corporate success.
  • You don't aspire to material success.
  • You don't know your wines.
  • You don't know your coffees.
  • You talk as if you know your wines and cheeses, but you really don't.
  • You care about poor people.
  • You don't care about people
  • You find that you learn from travelling.
  • You find that you learn nothing of fundamental importance from travelling. 
The list just goes on. I guess, we each have our biases.

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