Analysis Paralysis

Probably my guiltiest sin, at the moment.

It has been a very slow week. While waiting for things to fall into place, I accompany one of my employers on a social game of ultimate. I run harder than I have in a while, and the upper-body requirements are refreshing also - generally, I remain a horrible player. Much room for improvement. Back home, I consider the many options I have to fill this time.

So far, it feels that this is an ideal time for physical conditioning, so I should pursue that diligently. Aside, I am wondering which analytical study to dive into: if programming, programming what, and otherwise, if reading, then reading what, etc.

I poke around at Hell, the web development framework that I have been working on in Haskell. I run some tests on a simple webpage service: I look at the numbers. 6.5 MB memory footprint for 200 requests-per-second. For no immediate reason, this seems encouraging. The efficiency seems high, even though I have nothing to compare it with at the moment (for laziness). And, it seems that this will work decently in an embedded setting too.

Maybe more reasons to put this back into context. 4 May was the last commit I made to this repository. That means, this has been a 25 day break, during which I read a lot about coffee, and attended to various attempts to diversify concerns. This remains the single most elaborate software development project which I have worked on to date, so I might as well get back to it now.


I think I need to approach this software project very slowly, leaving lots of space for distractions, given the current absence of a routine at the day job. Otherwise software development just edges out all other activities in my schedule.

After half and hour of skimming, I am still not feeling a sense of curiosity about this. I.e. it is boring. That probably means that I need a longer break from this.

Sigh again.

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