Auteur Theory: Beyond Monologues

My reaction to a friend's comment on this article.
I find it amusing that many people take their daily dialogues with other people extremely 'seriously' without accounting for the origin of the information in those dialogues. Whereas film, or other monologues by a director to an audience come across to them as 'less serious'. I suspect it has to do with the cognitive difference between engaging in dialogue, and being made to listen to someone else's monologue. Which then brings me to think of choose-your-adventure-books and interactive video games as a dynamic version of media that have been historically static. So I guess I'm thinking aloud that the video game director is to a dialogue with the audience, as a screen/stage director is to a monologue with the audience. Which, given my general interest in machine intelligence, makes me wonder if the role of the author or auteur proceeds towards that as well, eventually. Just thinking aloud.

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