"what do you like to talk about?"
"that's a bit scary "
"at least I get to the point "

I think most people open conversations with "Hi! [complement]."

Tried to entertain myself at home instead of heading out to a commercial area. Saved some money, but lost some face time with society.

Meanwhile, this is popular on Facebook:
I get the feeling that if I took games and parties more seriously, I would have many more so-called friends. (A somewhat silly reminder.)
Doing things to make games happen.
"oh my, let's play a game - it'll get our brains all into a happy sociable mood because we can't turn it on at will - playing games will make us friends. let us play games"
For years I have been to all sorts of parties. And seriously, for the lack of sophistication in conversation, and for the presence of cheap lubricants such as dancing, small talk, and alcohol... I think it is time I stopped bothering :P

Why is small talk a lubricant?
Because the dichotomy between civil and uncivil is simply the result of more sensitive people requiring a more sensitive environment. Civilisation exists merely to make it so.

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