"Language" as a Determining Factor of "Extroversion"

I've thought about this, and come to an intermediate conclusion that most people are highly social... except for the determining factor of how specialised their preferred languages are (spoken, body, etc.). If you prefer a language-set that is less known, then it takes effort to code-switch to a language set that is better known. If you prefer a language-set better known, i.e. more popular, then it takes less effort to socialise with random members of the general population.

("Preference," as used here, could be tautologous to "what takes less energy," but the main point is coherent with this observation, I believe.)

In my case, I find it much easier to communicate with the median daily encounter by doing things for them - so I work well in the service industry, where expectations are fairly straightforward - working in the service industry then becomes a social pleasure. As for talking to people, my preferred language-set is highly specialised, and so generally, I just don't bother.

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