I like to push analyses like these towards the use of distinctly separate a) normative and b) descriptive statements about an environment.

a) An environment sucks. Here are some things we can do to make it better.

b) An environment sucks. This is what you should do, until it gets better.
1. What one wears should not affect one's probability of being raped. (normative statement)

2. What one wears does affect one's probability of being raped. (descriptive statement)

3. Both may be true.

4. And I will snap at anyone who doesn't acknowledge the difference before ranting about victim blamers.
Sentences: whether you call one normative, moral, belief, conviction, or obligatory - it's statement of preference; whether you call it descriptive, positive, propositional, or falsifiable, it is a statement of hypothesis (some might say, 'fact').

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