Thoughts in traffic

With ap's out to McKs, BCG, GOOG, and AAPL, I think I need to reduce my potential for rejection and do some math instead.

HOLD THE PLEBEIAN ASPIRATIONS. Let's, get, nerdy... back to studying! And no more applications until I collect this round of rejection notices. Or something like that.
Let's see... really long day, closed at 11:40pm (we were late), opened at 9:00am (I was late), trucked through Fed traffic from KL to Subang to buy food supplements, watched a movie, played Dota with the social gamers, trucked home to Kajang, and will be supposedly on site for work in KL at 8:00am in less than four hours.

But it's the first time since March 2009 that I'm not either (i) helping someone launch a business, (ii) in a relationship that requires constant maintenance, or (iii) inundated with studies and infrastructural concerns. Life is good, for a while. My responsibilities are trivial. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Probably not too long since, if I start studying again tomorrow, I'll be chasing a syllabus, and that just puts an end to the carefree life... oh well, it's been a fun four days of "leave".


The next day, we had a nice two hour rush and broke sales records with 110-120 orders. After my shift, I hung out and talked to friends, old and new.
Having the freedom to recreate to the point of exhaustion, such that uncommon weaknesses show themselves, is a luxury I currently enjoy. Whee. How long.

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