Thus Spun Zarathustra

It has been said that in life, there are ladders that you may climb, which upon reaching the top, you should throw away.

Financial education is one such thing. You should learn about discounted cash flows, and compound interest, about business ownership, the historical returns of every asset class, and about what governments are doing to money supply, and what the private sector does to shape our economic environment.

And then you should bloody well stop giving a damn, because these truisms of modern capitalism are religiousities. These are the opiates of our masses - a crutch to human development.

One should leave behind anything that gets in the way of freedom of thought. That is what separates plebs from cynics.

Just stating the obvious. Nothing original here. Carry on.

Too much coffee and tea today, that's all.
That being said, it does seem like Zarathustra came down from the mountain, again, and upon looking for humanists... met a microwave oven, who told him, "man? we haven't seen too many of late. Word is, man is dead."

Old hat.

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