Loyalty: I've had many folks use this word, with me recently. Historically, I find that I'm more loyal to agreements, and less to people. The former are more defined than the latter.


On a related note today, here is an update to this post. Following that post, the friend who had introduced me to the host a little while ago PM-ed me and said that I was trolling the host unfairly. I don't think that my position in the original post can be interpreted to be much other than neutral. I've invited this friend to provide further commentary in the comments of that post if s/he wants me to do anything about such commentary in public.
You must be familiar with the notion that people tell me that I am doing shitty things, fairly often. I let most of it slide. But it's sad with counterparties who leave because I don't do anything about it. So should you cease to respond to my messages, you should know that you should be missed, but probably not aggressively pursued. This happens quite often.
Missing friends who leave is preferable to coercing them to stay. And I'm quite familiar with techniques for both... I think.

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