Mating Burn-ins

(Awesome evening so far. My friends may find it weird, but I'm happy when they change. I myself change so slowly, I'm just happy to be reminded that there's more. Much to write about later. Observations! Data! Closure! Hypothesis unfalsified! Lol. #scienceNerdMoment)

Following a delightful evening of conversation with two young ladies, I've arrived at a statistically significant epiphany of sorts. I'm not sure that the methodology of this stands up to critique, but here's what I learnt anyway. There is a particular sort of girl that appears frequently in the pool of girls that I find attractive; this particular sort of girl also has a high probability of despising a particular aspect of my character. In simple language (I'll try my best) ...
it seems that I should minimally pursue girls that find the following notion offensive: "that individual humans ultimately behave systematically, and can be fully delineated, as if onto a giant flowchart."
You see, I've lost at least two female friends who fell into this pattern, whose company I used to enjoy immensely, prior to even asking them out on formal dates. I've also at some point dated someone who falls into this pattern, and the feedback remains consistent (fortunately for me, she still speaks to me, though maybe she'll stop at some point in the future).

What you have to understand is that for the past 13 or so years, this has been one of my core interests - to study the quantification of human experiences. All experiences - every single one. For the past few years, I have spent nearly all my free time and energy pursuing skills in phenomenology, mental conditioning, and computer programming (and eventually math and statistics too), which will enable me to further test my understanding within this field of study. I figure that the only way to know that we understand the structure of human experience, is to build a machine that we can't distinguish from what we consider to be an authentic human being. So, you see, anyone who's religiously or personally attached to the notion that people, specifically themselves, cannot - or should not - be quantified, or deciphered in a systematic fashion - they're firstly not going to understand me, and secondly going to hate the way I talk about them.

So, I really need to start applying this early-stage burn-in test to girls who are potential dates, or first dates. I'm sorry, but it seems that if you're such a girl, it's highly probable that we're not going to find it easy to get along.

Aside, it seems that I have recently begun to superficially judge the dating potential of girls by the speed of their speech... perhaps this is a temporary phenomenon, due to my geolocation. Also partially specific to my geolocation... I tend to warn all acquaintances about my attitude towards my parents, as that is a prickly point with Asians.

I have never used a dating services seriously, but I may want to at some point in the future.

A friend quips:
If you want to turn relationship into science, you'll end up alone haha
I disagree. I think there are plenty of systematic thinkers out there. It's only now that I'm burning-out the non-systematic thinkers from my target audience. If anyone survives the burn-in, then great, I guess.

Update: high-context and low-context cultures just about explains all of this. Thanks to conversations with a linguist friend.

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