Koptiam 2.0

Time to reinvent the kopitiam. I need financing. Who's looking for investment vehicles in F&B? Ping me.

Let me know what you think: Kopitiam 2.0.
We run the drinks and own/long-lease the premises, and we rent space out to other chefs.
Drinks level = specialty espresso + mocktails/cocktails.
So you can see where this is going. But I'm going to need a shit ton of capital for it.
Also, it's a long-play - genre-breaking, so let's say 5-year exit.
And I'm positioning myself as the ideal curator - so I don't mind spilling the model as it's hard to do.

How much I need, depends on how much you want back, of course.

I think it's reasonable (pre-modelling) to expect that this will take at least 500 up front. Given that it would probably be unruly to have more than 3 executive partners, everyone else will have to be a passive investor (with some provision for voting to sell/liquidate the company). I'd propose all the small fry pool-up into holding companies, and we have a total of 2 blocks + myself = 3 executive directors on board, or something like that. Trying to make it easy for everyone.

So let's just guess that you'll need to rustle up a pool of some 150k to make it both easy + viable?

"Action breeds interest."
"I'm not hard-up for interest."
Because nothing is interesting, if it is easy. And so the world turns.

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