Another Friday in the Life

Waiting out the jam again. Driving down quiet, familiar streets, of past jobs, and of relationships that never seem to end. The life of a mercenary is lovingly simple. A lot of the time, you get paid to wait. To wait, for targets to mature, to wait, for other vendors to deliver their goods and services, to wait, for everyone to feel okay.

While waiting, you get to wonder what the next job will be like... what the next body will feel like... how the next minds will behave.

Joking with the boss about only having time to date machines. It's still interesting to work/live with people who don't/can't casually delete their feelings. It must be crippling to not conjure up beauty in the mind, by rearranging cognitive processes. But I suppose that drives the economy. Non-contractual loyalty is a really pissant concept. If you can't sign on it, don't expect it.

I'm beginning to think that my social life and memory management in general would benefit from less focus. Hmm.
Whoops, turns out that's a hardcore porn page. *unlike* See, what I don't understand is why people PAY for porn, when it's for free on FB!

It's a social ill. An middle-school educated bartender who makes RM1-2k/month shouldn't have to pay RM400/month for porn on his mobile... it's just not good for human development, if you think about the scale on which this sort of shit happens. (2009: a colleague of mine on pre-paid mobile Internet).

TIL via Krugman: Keynes likes benevolent governments. This is what i get for stopping economics classes at the 100-level in college, since I figured I'd always be able to read it "later".
Complaining about open-sourced gun templates for 3D printers? It's not like the plans were hard to get in the first place, assuming you already had the budget to make tenable production-grade weaponry. Just wait till 3D printers at consumer price ranges support sintering. Oh boy, oh boy... (not too far away, apparently).

Tasted some really dark roasted coffees. Roast meat. Now a hint of this would be a fantastic complement to a lighter fruitier blend.

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